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Baby Strollers and Accessories Collection Designed by MOM.

We specialize in design and development of modern and innovative products that are comfortable for babies and functional for parents and caregivers. All products in our baby strollers and accessories collection are developed and designed by the owner, Agata Majerski – a mother of 3 boys.

Influenced by European upbringing, and inspired by dedication and love for her children, she constantly looks for new and unique ways to develop innovative and fashionable products that help parents stay organized.

Following current fashion trends, the originality and functionality of each product are always the fundamental ideas in development process.

Client Testimonials

  • HappyMomma! – StrollAir My Duo

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! This stroller is AMAZING!!!! We have been able to use this stroller (using the carseat adapters) since we brought our twins home! Everywhere we go, if it’s not a comment about our twins, it’s a comment on how cool our best twin stroller is. This stroller can fit through practically ANY door, it fits in the trunk of my 08 Jetta, it turns on a dime, and it opens and closes soooo easily! I will say, I really had a hard time removing the carseat adapters (when breaking down the stroller) in the beginning BUT the plastic has since softened with use and is MUCH easier. I would recommend this stroller to ANYONE with twins or even parents with two young kids! Enjoy!

  • Christina – StrollAir My Duo

      I recommend this best double stroller to a lot of people I know. The wheels are huge which made it easy to walk it up the construction zone we call my parents street, the car seat adapters make it easy to transition from car to mall (which is super important this time of year with all the shopping I have to do!), and my girls have been riding in this since the NICU. A very smooth ride that fits in even the smallest of elevators and doors! I’d love for my parents to have one too so I don’t have to keep bringing my strollers back and forth because I love it so much!

  • Coralie Ward

    Dear StrollAir, I am a brand new first time mom to twin girls. I wanted to write and tell you how much I adore your product the my duo twin stroller. It is an everyday tool in my new job as a stay at home mom. My husband is paralyzed from the chest down so I am often the only able bodied person in the home able to tote the girls around. Thankfully that is made easy with your twin stroller. I am able to take the girls from room to room, to outside, and even up and down stairs since we have an elevator in our home because of my husband being paralyzed. Because of the My Duo twin stroller my paralyzed husband is even able to take the girls around with ease. I obviously use it when we leave the house, where I am showered with compliments on its appearance and convenience. But it gets just as much if not more use, and “adoration” from me at home. Thank you for making such a great product, and in turn making my life so much easier! P.S. I just showed my husband my letter and your [Thank You!] response this morning and he wanted me to add, that because of it’s easy break down he is able to get the stroller in and out of our truck without any help. That is something that he wasn’t sure would be a possibility for him because of the high level of his injury. Thank you again from my whole family! Coralie Ward

  • DSG – StrollAir My Duo

    We bought this best double stroller almost eight months ago for our twins and we have been loving it ever since. This stroller really fit the bill for what we were looking for. It is light enough for me to lift into the trunk of my car (26 pounds)and narrow enough to fit through doorways (29 inches). It is also easy to fold and can be folded with the seats on (but only in the forward facing position). Initially, we used this stroller as a snap n go. With the ability to accommodate two carseats at once it was the perfect vehicle for getting around. The actual double snap n go is long and difficult to push (I tried) but this pushed like a dream and was quite the show stopper due to the stadium like seating that the carseats and adapters create. Once the babies were a few months old we transitioned to the regular seats. I love that the seats individually snap in and out of the frame and have the ability to be rear or forward facing. I love to look at my little ones while we walk, but I know that as they grow older they will not want to look at me anymore, but will want to look out at the world. I love that the option exists for both. This aspect also makes the stroller ideal for two small children of different ages. The younger child can face the parent and the older child can face out. Again, this is possible due to two independent seats that can snap into and out of the frame in either orientation. More about the seats – the seatbacks are sturdy and each seat can go from a fully reclined position (perfect for infants and for napping) to fully upright and all positions in between. I mentioned earlier about the push of the stroller. We live in a rocky, hilly area with lots of bumpy roads. This stroller has done really well on those terrains. Another nice feature is the adjustable handlebar with two positions for comfort. Other features worth noting: large basket for storage, very large sun canopies, adjustable foot plates for each seat. The stroller comes with two rain covers, two nets, two foot muffs/boots and a small diaper bag. Extras: bassinets, carseat adapters, console Although we do love this stroller, there are some negatives worth mentioning. Although easy to fold, the folded product is large and bulky. When placed into the trunk of our Nissan Altima, the stroller takes up about 2/3 of our trunk space. While we were very happy with carseat adapters it is worth noting that removing them from the frame was difficult. Another con is that the stroller does not come with the bassinets. I was greatly disappointed with that as the single stroller does come with the bassinet so why not the double? The stroller does come with a small diaper bag, small being the operative word. This diaper bag would barely be roomy enough to hold all the accessories of one child let alone two. Lastly, it is worth nothing that customer service for this product was excellent and they sent us a replacement part within days of calling!

  • Twin mama

    I was obsessed with researching strollers while pregnant with my twin girls, they are now 12.5 months old and we’ve used this best baby stroller almost every day of their lives (aside from when there was too much snow/too cold). We love it. Although I am sometime jealous of the narrower double strollers I just think it’s unfair to have one baby so low only looking at her sister’s seat…so had to suck it up and get a side-by-side. This one fits through doors and is really easy to manouver. We live in downtown toronto and I can take it with me to the grocery store and use it as the cart, and stroll home with our groceries. It has a great amount of storage space. highly recommended for twins although we do have umbrella strollers for traveling, this one is a bit too bulky to travel with.

  • Kimberley Little‎ – United Kingdom

    I am in love with the StrollAir My Duo. And my girls seem to be too. Thank you so much I can’t wait to get out and about with it. So easy to assemble and unassemble, the girls love being able to see each other with one seat face forward and the other backwards and my 6 month old loves the mesh hood being able to lay down n still see the world. I can’t praise this stroller enough. Thank u again xxx

  • Kirsty Duncan – United Kindgom

    Absolutely in love with my stroll air duo, had searched for months for a reasonably priced durable double buggy, when I found out I was pregnant and knowing my daughter would only b 15 months old! After finding this I instantly fell in love, it was exactly what I wanted as baby was going to b a winter baby and I wanted him in a carrycot rather than a stroller! I only waited 2 days from ordering to the pram and bassinette arriving and when I took Miley&Ruben their first walk in their new wheels every1 stopped and commented on how lovely my pram was, will defo be recommending this buggy to anyone with twins or siblings close in age! Thanks so much xxxx

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